We're on the forefront of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) in the construction industry.

We are harnessing the current value of BIM and looking forward to what this game-changing movement has to offer as people, processes, and technology grow and improve to provide new and exciting ways to plan, communicate, construct, and manage buildings. We are leveraging this technology to reduce cost and enhance quality. The old carpenter’s motto, “Measure Twice, Cut Once” sums up our approach to construction and utilizing this cutting-edge technology. Great planning yields great results.

CDI embraces Building Information Modeling with a full-time BIM department utilizing cutting-edge technology in our Preconstruction phases and throughout our processes. These tools allow us to better understand the designed building and integrate more effectively with design teams and building owners. We can coordinate models from subcontractors, identify and correct installation and site logistics problems early in our process, visually analyze and plan renovation schedules to minimize impact on current building tenants, clearly communicate our plans with building owners and subcontractors, and deliver an information-rich Facilities Management model at the end of a project.

Shorter schedule

Using early-release BIM detailing enables us to shorten schedules, eliminate coordination-driven change orders, improve quality and dramatically reduce work-related injuries.

More cost-effective

Work produced in shops is less costly simply because workers spend more actually putting work in place as opposed to packing/unpacking tools each shift and moving materials around the jobsite to where the work is being done. Waste is reduced when drops from stock-length materials can be kept nearby and incorporated into the work rather than pitched into the dumpster.

Fewer changesClash detection with VDC

When dimensional challenges are worked out in the virtual environment and prefabricated to “as-planned” tolerances, costly coordination-driven changes are virtually eliminated (pun intended).

Improved quality & safety

Work produced in the shop environment is of higher quality and more accessible because the production aids available to workers make access to the work much easier, reducing body strain associated with accomplishing tasks from ladders and lifts.

We also use an internet-based Project Management System as a central database for document management and information sharing with the owner and A/E design team. Available anywhere with internet access, this system expedites coordination, communication and response time by tracking:

  • Shop drawings & submittals
  • Requests For Information (RFl)
  • Daily diaries
  • Meeting logs, agendas & minutes
  • Correspondence
  • Progress photos

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