We believe that people have a responsibility to future generations to make environmentally responsible decisions in the design, construction and operation of their buildings, whether or not the choice is made to pursue certification by LEED, Green Globes or other "Green Building" or "Sustainable Design and Construction" standards.

Through our commitment to LEED standards and sustainability during preconstruction and throughout the construction phase, our projects will often exceed the original planned level of certification. By exceeding goals for requirements such as recycled content, regional content (local providers of materials), and construction waste management, we could help your facility achieve a higher level of certification without extra cost to you.

CDI will strive to use Environmentally Preferred Products, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by containing high recycled content vs. virgin materials. We will also keep abreast of new/improved sustainable materials. Additionally, we’ll examine recent sustainable initiatives and apply those techniques and innovations to the environmental goals for your project.

Benefits of "Green" or Sustainable Design and Construction include:

  • Environmental: Reduces impact on environment and natural resources
  • Economic: Lowers operating costs through energy efficiency and water conservation
  • Health & Safety: Enhances occupant health and comfort
  • Community: Minimizes the impact on local infrastructures and improves quality of life
  • The Future: Preserves the environment and natural resources for future generations

Many of our staff are trained in sustainable construction methods, and we look for every opportunity to apply our sustainability practices on each project we undertake. For more information about our past Green projects, please click on CDI LEED Projects.

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