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CDI recognizes that schedule and cost control are key to the success of any project. To make certain that schedules and budgets are realistically developed and met, we prepare the following:

  • Preliminary Conceptual Estimate – ensures that project team’s expectations are aligned
  • Schematic Estimate – compared to conceptual estimate to identify challenges/opportunities
  • Design Development Estimate – more detailed estimate based on greater design detail
  • Preliminary GMP – quantity take-off and constructability review help refine GMP
  • Final GMP – collaborative approach results in reliable cost control model and well-crafted project schedule

Budgeting Certainty

To estimate and manage project costs more accurately, CDI uses UniFormat to analyze the cost-efficiency of building elements and systems. Comparing these costs to alternate approaches provides the owner and design team with actionable cost information to make informed decisions. Having such detailed information early in the design process yields more reliable cost projections – which helps keep your project on schedule and on budget.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

To help the owner and design team make informed decisions, CDI uses Life-Cycle Cost Analysis to match construction systems and materials with the building’s planned useful life. Participating in collaborative project discussions helps the CDI team determine which systems will best achieve the owner’s desired result. This project-specific knowledge will improve cost/quality decisions. Life-Cycle Cost Analysis helps the owner evaluate first-cost options in the context of long-term operating costs.

Project Scheduling

Our investment in the industry’s leading project scheduling/management software and in the training needed to get the most out of it means you’ll enjoy benefits many other construction managers can’t offer. A Preliminary Milestone and Phasing Schedule will identify high-level activities and durations. As with the estimating process, at each design phase more information is incorporated to form a detailed Master Schedule. Combining 3-D visualization with scheduling information to create a virtual schedule improves project efficiency through more effective communication of sequences/phasing and their impacts on site logistics. Effective scheduling helps coordinate critical design elements to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery – and owner satisfaction.

Constructability Reviews

To ensure the most efficient use of your two most valuable resources – time and money – CDI conducts thorough constructability reviews to avoid wasting either one. Our project team will review the drawing details to provide insight on how they affect schedule and quality and suggest potential remedies. The project manager and superintendent work together to identify potential detail or systems changes and/or changes to subcontractor bid packaging and selection strategy – all to ensure that your project is completed as quickly as possible at the lowest cost without sacrificing quality.

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When you include CDI on your project team, we become your advocate. After working to fully understand your needs, we’ll manage the building program to fulfill those needs within the available funds. Matching the project budget with the owner’s building program helps us identify ways to achieve your program objectives at the best possible cost. By initiating design and budgeting review early in the project development process to obtain meaningful cost and performance information, we can help discover the solution that best meets your project’s requirements. With a shared vision for the project, alternative design methods and material options can be openly discussed. CDI’s value analysis optimizes the construction budget so your cost expectations will be met.

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